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Spotlight on: Soul Star Chakra

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Beyond the seven main chakras (root to crown) there are a number of chakras located outside of the physical body. The chakras are numerous (up to 114, depending on who you ask!), each with its own properties that impact upon our human experience.

Also known as ‘the seat of the soul’, the eighth chakra, the Soul Star Chakra, is the first ‘transpersonal’ chakra – although it is located beyond the physical body, the Soul Star chakra is linked to the seven main chakras.

Where is the Soul Star Chakra located?

The Soul Star chakra can be found above the head, on top of the Crown chakra. Everyone’s energy field around the body is different, so the distance between the crown chakra and Soul Star chakra can be anywhere between 6 inches and two feet.

What does the Soul Star Chakra do?

The Soul Star chakra connects you with your spirit and higher self. It is known as the ‘seat of the soul’ because it is the point where divine love and spiritual energies enter the body.

The Soul Star chakra relates to spirituality, compassion and divine wisdom. We work with this chakra when we want to connect the soul to the conscious mind, understanding our purpose and ourselves better.

Signs of balance and imbalance within the Soul Star Chakra

Signs of imbalance and balance aren’t always as clear when we are working with the non-physical chakras compared with the seven main chakras. Often they are more subtle and may need some self-inspection and intuition to determine whether they are in balance or out of balance, and what needs to be done to nourish and support them.

Signs of a balanced Soul Star chakra include enhanced spiritual wisdom, deeper relationship with our higher self, heightened intuition and understanding beyond the conscious mind. You will also feel open to love, a connection with your purpose and more ease and harmony in your life.

If your Soul Star chakra is imbalanced, you may feel disembodied, disconnected from your soul purpose, spiritually closed-off or ‘lost’ in life without direction or inspiration.

As always, it’s important to start with the seven main chakras, from the root upwards. Healing only one chakra without paying attention to the others will not yield results.

Balancing the Soul Star Chakra

Meditation: Specially guided Soul Star meditations can help you to connect with this chakra – although it can’t be forced, it can be nurtured slowly but surely with time. Since the Soul Star chakra is intimately linked with our intuition and higher self, as well as potentially psychic abilities, meditation can enable us to really tap into the beautiful benefits of this chakra. You can find guided Soul Star meditations on Spotify and YouTube, or you might like to sit and meditate on your own, focusing on balancing and opening this chakra.

Crystal therapy: Certain crystals carry energies that can help us to tap into our Soul Star chakra and help to bring balance and harmony to the areas of our lives it governs. Crystals also offer protective energies that can help to prevent us being affected by the energies of others around us, which can be essential for physical and emotional healing.

Reiki/Energy healing: Reiki and energy healing can be beneficial for all the chakras, but can particularly help with opening and balancing the chakras in the auric field like the Soul Star chakra.

To learn more about how the chakras can affect overall health you can read more blogs here, or for advice and support on holistic healing, get in touch today.

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