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Specialist Oncology Physiotherapy and Holistic Healthcare 

Taking you from the fear, anxiety and overwhelm of a cancer diagnosis to calm, centred and in control or YOUR cancer WELLNESS

The biggest secret to wellness lies within your mind-body connection

My mission is to empower YOU to embrace wellness alongside cancer

I am Simone, owner of PhysioCare Holistics, Soul Aligned Wellness and founder of The Cancer Wellness Path. I am a specialist physiotherapist in oncology and palliative care, holistic therapist, energy alchemist, numerologist, intuitive coach, cancer wellness and energetics coach, Master Practitioner of hypnosis, Master practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


My entire ethos is focused on embracing wellness rather than illness. I empower everyone who enters my world to live the best possible life during and after cancer by tapping into the power of the mind-body connection.

Today I am one of a handful of health professionals in the UK working across both clinical oncology and integrative oncology. This means I am able to support you from all perspectives, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, according to your individual needs, as you navigate your path towards cancer wellness.

Working with me

At PhysioCare Holistics you can access specialist oncology physiotherapy, specialist scar therapy, expert holistic healthcare, cancer mindset coaching and mind-body medicine.


You may choose to work with me clinically, integratively or a combination of both.


My expertise in integrative oncology supports you with emotional and spiritual healing, energy medicine, mind-body medicine and nervous system regulation, all essential parts of an integrative oncology approach.


All these services are available in person at my clinic which is located in the centre of Wilmslow, or virtually from anywhere in the world. Home visits are also available across South Manchester and Cheshire.

Find out more about the range of services available below:

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Oncology Physiotherapy

Expert clinical care


Holistic Therapies

Nourish mind, body and soul


Specialist Scar Therapy

Wear your scars with pride

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Hypnotherapy and NLP

Wellness consciousness - the missing link to cancer wellness

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Cancer Wellness Packages

A fusion of clinical and holistic mind-body medicine

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Integrative Oncology

Wellness from a different perspective

Unlock the key to your cancer wellness 

Why choose PhysioCare Holistics

  • Access to an expert oncology health professional to provide you with additional support as you navigate cancer treatment

  • Support from someone who fully understands your diagnosis and medical treatment plan. A clinical specialist in oncology and palliative care, an expert in holistic healthcare, and an expert in mind-body medicine and energetics

  • The possibility to nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul, embracing wellness at a time when you need it most, with support from someone you know you can trust

 Clients Say.....

"If you are going through a cancer journey, I can’t recommend Simone enough. By providing me with strategies & guidance she helped me turn my breast cancer journey from one of fear & anxiety to one of positivity & calmness. We focused on wellness instead of illness & that is incredibly empowering when dealing with cancer. Simone also offers the most incredible holistic therapies which was invaluable for me during this difficult time. Thank you so much"


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Get in touch for a free consultation 

If you would like to discuss treatment options prior to booking then please get in touch or use the button below to book a virtual 20 minute clarity call appointment

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Clinic Details




C.A.M Clinic

6C Hawthorn Lane




Opening Hours

Tues & Thurs 9:15am - 3pm

Wednesday 10am - 7pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed


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 Clients Say.....

"Simone has helped me with scar massage. Such a lovely lady and so professional. I would highly recommend her."



The Cancer Wellness Path Membership - £26 a month

Cancer Wellness Packages

Physiotherapy and Holistics

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