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Integrative Oncology

Over recent years the world of integrative healthcare has become more common as many people search for alternatives alongside traditional cancer care. 


Integrative oncology is the use of complementary, or integrative therapies alongside conventional medicine. These therapies work together with standard treatment methods with a focus on detoxification, wellness from within, and the mind-body connection. It's not about one way or the other, its about the power of both!

Integrative healthcare is a theme that runs through the very core of PhysioCare Holistics.


There are so many possibilities available. Here at PhysioCare Holistics you will find a fusion of clinical care and holistic care focused around the power of your mind-body connection and the magic of energy. Everything is energy and this includes your words, your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs and the energy that flows through your very core, through your chakras.


I often see or hear the words "fighting cancer" or "battling cancer". I would love you to see this differently. What if if you reframed this, focusing instead on nurturing your mind, and nourishing your body on its journey to healing and wellness?

The mind-body connection, energy and energetics is my passion and I truly believe that these both play a key role in our health and wellness, in particular within cancer care and chronic illness. An integrative approach focuses on root cause, the underlying factors contributing to health issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. Remember cancer is the symptom. Conventional treatment focuses on the physical disease rather than its underlying cause.

At PhysioCare Holistics I help you to address one of the essential components of an integrative approach - emotional and lifestyle imbalances. We know that stress, trauma, and anything that results in persistent activation of the sympathetic nervous system effects the immune and endocrine systems. And we know that this is linked to increasing the risk of cancer. Your body is unable to heal in a state of permanent fight or flight mode. 


At PhysioCare Holistics I know the importance of addressing  this factor as a first resort and I work with you to bring your body into a state where healing can begin. I can also signpost you to other integrative oncology clinicians who are experts in the other components of an integrative approach.

If you are curious to know more about working with me from an integrative oncology perspective then please get in touch or book a free consultation using the button below.

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