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Specialist Scar Therapy

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their body after surgery


Feeling confident in your skin is so much more than how your body looks or feels. Confidence is an emotion, isn't it?


Emotions are a key part of your mind-body connection and wellness. Recognising and working with the emotions attached to your scars or surgery in a safe way is often a great place to start.

  • Never have to avoid looking at or touching your scars again with specialist support from an oncology expert who works holistically, focusing on your physical and emotional health

  • Gain confidence in your skin in a safe and supportive space with this gentle and highly effective treatment

  • Look forward to wearing the clothes you can't wait to wear again, as you feel more positive and your sense of body image improves

A scar may look beautifully healed on the outside, but it's what lies beneath the surface that matters. How the scar has formed, how it has healed, how it continues to remodel itself and whether there are adhesions tethering the skin to the layers below.

  • Improve the look and feel of your scars with scar therapy from as little as 6 weeks post surgery to optimise scar healing

  • Improve flexibility with gentle treatment to loosen and release tight scar tissue

  • Improve numbness or sensitivity working with all scars whether old or new, no matter how long ago the scars were formed

  • Reduce pain associated with tight scar tissue as movement improves - You wouldn't believe how many painful necks and shoulders I see relating to a tight mastectomy scar!

  • Be confident that you can achieve your radiotherapy planning and treatment position, knowing that your have the flexibility within your scars to be able to move your shoulder in the required way

Scar Therapy: About

It's time to wear your scars with pride, feeling confident in your skin and knowing your scars are a sign of your inner power

Scar Therapy: About

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You wouldn't believe what a difference this specialised massage makes. I've had this treatment from Simone and it relieved all my pain and stiffness, and gave me back full movement not to mention the relief of worry and anxiety.

Pauline - Mastectomy Scar

I can really feel the difference in my scar which is a lot softer, smoother and less red. More difference in 90 minutes that the last 90 days!

Patricia - Bowel Surgery Scar

I have had much less abdominal pain than I have had in ages!

 Victoria - C-section Scar

Scar Therapy: Testimonials
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