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Spotlight on: Earth Star Chakra

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Most are familiar with the seven chakras, their characteristics and functions (if you haven’t already, you might want to learn more about those here). But fewer people have heard of the higher and lower chakras – those that lie outside of the physical body chakras that run from root to crown, also known as the sub-personal chakras.

Also known as Vasundhara in Sanskrit and represented by the Merkaba symbol, the Earth Chakra is one of 114 chakras surrounding us at every moment, each supporting us in a unique and varied way.

Where is the Earth Star Chakra located?

Located in the etheric (non-physical) body, the Earth Star chakra is believed to be located around twelve inches below the feet. Although it is not located within the physical body, the Earth Star chakra can still have a significant effect on our day-to-day lives.

What does the Earth Star Chakra do?

The Earth Star chakra is most renowned for its deeply rooting and grounding properties. This may sound much like the root chakra, but the Earth Star goes a step beyond this, functioning as an anchor for the entire chakra system, in particular the seven physical chakras.

Our Earth Star chakra connects our personal energy to the greater earthly, universal energies around us. Having a strong connection here allows us to feel grounded, stable, trusting and in touch with nature.

Signs of balance and imbalance within the Earth Star Chakra

Through bringing awareness to and taking care of the Earth Star chakra you can channel positive energy from the earth and dispel negative energies.

Signs of a balanced Earth Chakra include:

  • Feelings of positive connection and a strengthened bond with the Earth

  • The ability to stay in the present moment

  • A sense of stability and routine

  • A feeling of greater purpose and responsibility

  • Self-awareness and clear thinking

An imbalanced Earth Chakra can feel like:

  • Feeling disconnected with nature and the Earth

  • Being out of touch with your sense of self

  • Feeling ungrounded and unstable

As is the case with the rest of the chakra system, paying attention to just one chakra is unlikely to bring results. All chakras must be nourished and balanced in order to feel significant physical and emotional benefits.

Balancing the Earth Star Chakra

One of the easiest ways to balance the Earth Star chakra is to connect with the earth itself through getting out in nature more and surrounding yourself with wild things. This could include heading off for a hike in rugged countryside, going camping or cold water swimming.

Other balancing techniques for the Earth Star chakra include:

Meditation: Guided meditations dedicated to the Earth Star chakra can help to bring it back into balance. You could also try a walking meditation out in nature – walking barefoot can help with rooting and grounding.

Yoga: Nature-focused yoga poses including Mountain Pose and Tree Pose can help to strengthen feelings of connection with the earth and nature.

Crystal therapy: Certain crystals can closely connect us with our Earth Star chakra, including Obsidian, Tourmaline and Garnet.

Reflexology: Although Reflexology can be beneficial in balancing all the chakras, it makes sense that it has specific benefits for the Earth Star chakra, due to grounding through the feet.

For more on the sub-physical chakra system, take a look at my blog on the Soul Star Chakra, or start with the chakra basics here.

You may also wish to download my free guide The Chakra Healing Guide here

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