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5 amazing benefits of NLP

Updated: May 8

Fresh from my trip to Greece and NLP Trainer graduation (if you haven’t heard yet, you can read more here), I have a renewed sense of excitement and affection for this amazing technique and the many ‘whys’ that motivate and inspire me. I didn’t actually think it was possible to have any more love and passion for NLP than I did before I started the course – and yet here I am! Following the completion of my training and the launch of some exciting new products I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reintroduce NLP and its many versatile benefits.

What is NLP?

NLP, short for Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a type of therapy which works with the unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is the part of our mind where all learning, change and behaviour takes place. It is also the domain of our emotions - the place where all our emotions (both positive and negative) are stored. On the other hand our conscious mind is the place where our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs are consciously processed – many aspects we believe are simply ‘who we are’ or ‘part of our personality'. In truth, these thoughts and beliefs are part of a program that becomes the default setting for our brains over time, often from an early age. Many of us are unknowingly living our lives on autopilot, experiencing life as a result of what’s happened to us in the past and the conditioning and belief system we’ve developed as a result of that. Working with our unconscious mind can supercharge our emotional and physical wellbeing and help us to create the life we always wanted for ourselves.

What NLP does is offer us a master key to reprogramming our minds at a deeper level, bringing about real and lasting change in many different areas of our lives. It can be applied in a number of different ways, for targeted specific concerns or in a wider sense to help us gain clarity and control over the direction of our lives. versatile and unique, the results I see regularly confirm to me the life-changing and transformational power of NLP.

How can NLP benefit me?

What’s wonderful about NLP is that it’s possible to apply the principles to any area of your life where you need improvement. In a holistic sense, NLP helps us to overcome obstacles through building strong and stable emotional foundations and a positive and more productive mindset.

The benefits of NLP are of course numerous and individual, and there are far too many to share here – but these are a few of my favourites.

1/ Stop fear from holding you back

Many of the anxieties and concerns that hold us back from living our lives fully are rooted in fear. NLP is highly effective at helping people to overcome a phobia, such as fear of flying, confined spaces and heights. And sometimes, we don’t know what we’re afraid of, and why it holds us back. These subtle fears often have the biggest impact on our lives. The fear of being seen. Of being heard. Of being loved. These are the fears that NLP can unpick – so that we can then begin to rewrite the script, remove these fears from your neurology and replace them with new empowering positive beliefs.

2/ Take charge of your emotions

Do you ever feel as though you’re being pushed and pulled in different directions by your emotions? Are you always reacting instead of responding? If so, NLP could help. Through the frameworks within NLP it’s possible to establish the root of different emotions and feelings that arise so that we can understand and process them in a different way.

3/ Manage pain and chronic illness

Pain is a very difficult and incredibly common symptom when it comes to managing chronic and long-term illness. It can leave us exhausted, depressed, depleted and irritable, significantly impacting on quality of life. What many people don’t realise is that NLP can have an incredibly positive impact on the physical body. This is because our emotional health and physical health are intimately connected - and as fresh research continues to reveal, it’s possible to manifest healing through the power of our thoughts alone. This may seem far-fetched – and yet there is many years’ worth of anecdotal evidence about the power of the mind-body connection. You can read more about the mind-body connection here.

4/ Reach those lofty goals

We all have some unfinished or unfulfilled dreams or desires don't we? Something we’d like to do or achieve in our lifetime. Maybe you think about this goal every day – or perhaps it needs to be discovered in the back of your mind and dusted off. Maybe you want to get a degree, start a business, finally learn that language or publish that novel. It could be a smaller goal like finally decluttering the garage, working up the courage to make new friends or making the first steps towards healthy weight loss (these are often just as rewarding as those big achievements). Whatever you have in mind on your personal or professional development journey, starting with NLP is a great way to guarantee success. NLP is commonly used in the corporate world because it helps us to break down goals into meaningful and manageable chunks whilst addressing any belief systems that may affect the level of confidence needed to go for it.

5/Overcome negativity

Do you feel that things are happening to you not for you? Do you constantly assume things won’t work out or go as planned? Maybe you believe that everything always goes wrong – or that nobody likes you. A negative mindset and belief system can have a huge influence on our lives and will ultimately hold us back from living life to the full. NLP allows us to easily and painlessly identify negative belief systems without having to pick through all the triggers and reasons behind their formation. Once we know what’s currently installed we can begin to overwrite those negative beliefs with more positive, productive messaging to help you overcome negativity permanently and improve your outlook on all areas of your life.

Intrigued, interested and inspired to learn more? Book in a Clarity Call with me today:

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