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Update: I am now a fully qualified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming!

Updated: May 8

Earlier this month I returned from the beautiful island of Evia in Greece, where I am delighted to say I successfully graduated my NLP Trainer certification!

I expected to expand my knowledge and horizons throughout the duration of this course – and wow, did I learn a lot. I learned a lot about NLP, of course, and I also learned a lot about myself. We never stop uncovering layers of ourselves and revealing the many different facets of our soul’s purpose.

Within the most stunning setting and alongside the wonderful women I shared this training with, who have become dear friends, this was truly the hardest and most intense training I have ever done. It has certainly been a journey, both personal and professional, and I am beyond excited to be able to share this magic with you now.

Why did I become a certified NLP Trainer?

Naturally people often ask me why I do what I do – especially when it comes to NLP, which is still an emerging technique and isn’t as widely known or understood in a healthcare context here in the UK. There are a few very personal inspirations and influences behind my journey to this point so far.

My first why is to be able to empower people living with cancer to embrace wellness rather than illness alongside a diagnosis of cancer. This why comes from a very personal place – alongside supporting hundreds of patients during cancer treatment this has also been inspired by my beautiful sister, who lived with cancer in the most amazing manner before she sadly passed away. Her strength, tenacity and positive outlook helped me to shape my offering and made me even more passionate about an integrative, holistic approach to cancer care and sharing the magic of the mind-body connection.

My second why is being able to share the powerful benefits of NLP with more people through training and support. I know first-hand how incredible NLP can be, because it has literally transformed my life, and there is no way I could go without sharing the amazing benefits with other people. NLP has so much to offer in any context, whether it is healthcare, personal or professional business life - it is truly life-changing.

My third why is to be able to share this magic with other health professionals and ripple this knowledge through our hospital systems and NHS, creating a wave of change in the way we condition for wellness rather than illness. I am going to be talking and sharing this work when speaking at Integrative Oncology Conferences - and this training has given me the confidence to do so.

What did I learn?

Over the course of this intense 3-week training programme I learned all the tools I require to confidently teach my own student practitioners of NLP. In this time, I also discovered more about myself and the ways in which I can use NLP to help patients. One such skill I mastered was the art of presenting and speaking to audiences - something I never imagined I would ever do! It’s now something that is now high up on the priority list for my mission to empower people living with cancer to embrace wellness rather than illness.

Following my graduation, I am now ready to certify my own students and start offering training to health professionals, taking the training into both our NHS and private healthcare and working with professionals in various roles, particularly those working in cancer care services.

As a health professional myself I believe we currently condition for illness within our healthcare system - my mission is to empower change within the current system, to condition for wellness instead. I now have the confidence to teach and share my message within the integrative oncology world and amongst fellow health professionals.

What’s next on my NLP journey?

My return from Evia has coincided with the planned launch of some lovely new offerings which I have carefully designed to bring about meaningful and lasting change with full support, all focusing on the power of the mind-body connection. I already incorporate NLP into my client care programmes, in particular within my Cancer Wellness Packages.

Want to learn more about NLP and NLP Training? Get in touch today.

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