Neuro Linguistic Programming

I decided to train as an NLP practitioner after NLP transformed my own life – and straight away I could see how it could transform my patient’s lives, too. I’m a passionate believer in the mind-body connection – a theory which supports the symbiotic relationship between our emotions and how they can manifest physically in the body – and in our lives. As an increasing number of studies show, our emotional state and mental health does have a direct impact on our physical wellbeing. Emotional unrest can manifest as physical illness in the body – so taking care of our mental and emotional health really is just as important as looking after our physical wellbeing. 

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It can be used to support people with a variety of concerns – from anxiety and depression to OCD and PTSD.

The ‘Neurology’ aspect is how we interpret the world through our 5 senses; ‘Linguistics’ refers to the language we apply to a problem, and ‘Programming’ refers to the programs we run in our minds which allow us to achieve certain outcomes. NLP techniques help us to remove mental blocks and limiting beliefs in order to reach our full potential. 

How can NLP help me?

If you struggle with anxiety, depression, phobia, low self-confidence or simply feel stuck and overwhelmed without a solid direction in life, NLP could help you to release yourself from struggles and stress and start living your life to the full. 

Since I was a little girl, I struggled with severe anxiety. As I grew older I started using holistic therapies as tools to help me cope – which is how I fell in love with them. They supported me to deal with the ups and downs of daily life, but there were some anxieties that lingered with me, anxieties I’d accepted I may experience for the rest of my life. 

NLP intrigued me, but I wasn’t prepared for the transformation that would take place during my training. Now I’m dedicated to and passionate about bringing about that kind if transformation for my patients, whether they’re struggling with anxiety, have experienced life-changing trauma or want greater success in their business or professional life. 

Why is NLP beneficial?

What I love most about NLP is not only how transformative it is – but also how it works. Often people struggle to access other types of therapy because they involve dragging up past traumas and upsetting experiences in order to work through them. But NLP therapy doesn’t require that. In fact, we tend to avoid that during NLP therapy and focus on working directly with the unconscious mind, effectively bypassing any upsetting or uncomfortable memories to treat the root cause of their manifestation today in the mind. 

NLP for chronic illness

Through my practice and experiences with patients I have formed a strong belief in the mind-body connection. Although it is only just beginning to be fully understood and appreciated, scientists and medics now realise that emotional distress and mental illness have a direct impact on the quality of our physical health, and can even cause disease in the body. With this in mind people who struggle with chronic illness often find that addressing emotional difficulties and improving their mental health has a positive overall effect on their chronic illness – whether that’s lower pain levels, increased mobility or having more energy.

Timeline Therapy®

Alongside NLP and hypnotherapy techniques I am also trained in a specialised type of NLP called Timeline Therapy®. It is truly transformational and can be an incredible tool for personal growth. Results are remarkably fast and long-lasting – and the techniques used during your sessions can be taken away and used in other areas of your life as and when you need them. During just four sessions we remove the key negative emotions (including sadness, anger, fear, hurt and guilt) from your mindset along with the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the past and preventing you from moving forward. 

Timeline Therapy® sessions are completely personalised to you and your needs. To begin with, we’ll spend time with the unconscious mind learning which limiting beliefs and negative emotions are underpinning the concern you have presented with. We’ll then work together over the course of 7-8 hours to unpick these and bring about lasting, life-altering change. 

How can I start NLP or Timeline therapy®?

The first step to starting NLP is to simply get in touch and arrange an informal, free consultation with me to discuss which areas you’re looking to work on. During this consultation I’ll listen and learn more about you and your concerns, along with what you’d like to achieve. 

Get in touch to learn more about NLP and Timeline Therapy®, or to book a free consultation.