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Spotlight on the Heart Chakra

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Although all chakras are sacred and important, this is one of the most beautiful chakras - and it often needs healing and attention. Heart chakra, or anahata, is located at the heart in the centre of our spine.

What is our heart chakra?

Our heart chakra governs our empathy, compassion, love and forgiveness. Trust, peace, generosity and gratitude all come from this place – which rules many important aspects of life including healthy relationships, boundary setting, emotional control and self-love. The heart chakra is special because it sits right at the centre of all seven chakras, connecting the lower three chakras with the upper three chakras and signifying unity between the physical and spiritual.

Signs of a balanced heart chakra

When our heart chakra is balanced we feel secure, open and worthy to receiving and giving love, grateful and generous.

Signs of an imbalanced heart chakra

When our heart chakra is out of balance, we can feel broken-hearted, resentful, bitter, hard or closed-off to giving and receiving love, hurt, lonely, insecure and unhappy. Those with imbalanced heart chakras tend to be led with the head more than their heart, can be distant from others and put up a wall or shut down emotionally.

How can I rebalance the heart chakra?

As our heart chakra governs emotions and is closely linked to many feelings including love, heartbreak and emotional instability, paying attention to our emotional health is an important first step.

Affirmations – There are a number of affirmations specifically linked to the heart chakra. These include:

‘I am worthy and deserving of love’

‘I forgive myself and others’

‘I live with gratitude every day’

Aromatherapy – Certain essential oils relate specifically to the heart chakra – including jasmine, geranium, lavender and rose. You may like to make your own heart chakra blend or purchase one to dab on when you feel you need some support – alternatively you can arrange an aromatherapy massage to help bring body and mind in balance.

Reiki (energy healing) – Energy healing focuses on balancing all chakras and especially those which need special attention. A reiki session can help to restore balance to the heart chakra and can be recommended for anyone who has recently experienced heartbreak, grief or a tough time emotionally.

Crystal therapy – I love to use crystal therapy both for myself and my family, and for my patients. The crystal most commonly associated with the heart chakra is rose quartz. You can carry a small stone with you every wear you go, wear a rose quartz bracelet or necklace to protect and balance your heart chakra.

Yoga – Chakra-focused movement such as specific yoga poses can really help to release any stagnant or stuck energy and restore balance to the chakras. Yoga poses known as ‘heart opening’ poses are best for supporting a healthy heart chakra.

You may also wish to download my free guide The Chakra Healing Guide here

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