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Me and my why

16 years ago I started yearly mammograms

16 years ago I was told I had a 1 in 2 risk of breast cancer

You may know me as the owner of PhysioCare Holistics a clinical specialist in oncology and palliative care, AND I also have an inner knowing personally of how each and every person who enters my world feels.

Both my sister and my dad have passed away from cancer. Luckily my mum is still here to tell the tale of her cancer diagnosis.

Every year I come here to Prevent Breast Cancer and I'm so grateful

This year I'm even matching the pink walls!

I've been offered everything from risk reducing surgery to tamoxifen

And I've chosen to focus on living well instead

I've played my part in research, taking part in many trials, from regular blood tests, genetic tests, exercise and diet, a few years on a different 3D mammogram machine and as of today my blood that was frozen 10 years ago is taking part in a new research trial!

Last year my consultant phoned me to update me on all the results from these trials which have taken place over the last 10 years. I never expected this and the results were fascinating. We are so lucky to have Prevent Breast Cancer.

This year I chose to start HRT, personally I made a conscious decision that If I wasn't going to allow thoughts of cancer to dominate my life, politely declining tamoxifen year after year, then I'm not going to allow menopause to dictate my life either.

I was anticipating an interesting chat about this today, and amazingly it was quite the opposite, with lots of positive advice about calcium and vitamin D.

It's all about choice, isn't it? And yet so often we choose to follow a path that we have been conditioned to follow.

I've chosen to reduce my risk in other ways, I stopped drinking alcohol about 2 years ago now, I manage my stress levels, I have consciously balanced my work life balance, I practice self-care (a lot!), I exercise, and I eat healthily.

I have chosen to find a balance in my life that works for me. I understand energy and energetics, and I consciously put this into practice on a daily basis.

Remember there is ALWAYS a choice

You can follow the way we have been conditioned OR you can choose and DECIDE how your life gets to be because YOU are the creator of your life!

There is no right or wrong, black or white, traditional or alternative, there is simply a choice I have chosen quality of life, you may choose a different choice, and that's ok, there is always an either, or, neither right or wrong

And this is key, once you have made that choice do not allow the negatives of that choice to take over your life because then that decision is pointless, isn't it?

I see this over and over with Tamoxifen.

When I work with ladies I always suggest they ask themselves "Did you make the choice for YOU or someone else?" Only YOU can make the choice that is right for you!

If this resonates with you in any way then take a peek at my new programme Thrive. This is for you whether you are living with cancer, are recovering from cancer, have had cancer in the past and still living with worry and fear, or have a family history of cancer like myself. I'm here to hold space for you as you empower yourself towards a new way of being

When you enter my world either via my clinic or one of my online programmes I am not here to hold your hand and wipe away your tears. I do this at The Christie in my hospital role.


Simone 💜

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