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How Scar Work can help you to heal

Updated: May 8

One area of my treatment menu that you may not know much about yet is Scar Work and scar massage therapy. Many people don’t know much about Scar Work – or that it even exists – but it is a truly remarkable and transformational therapy which can have a really positive impact not just on the way scar tissue looks, but also on how it feels.

Most people come to me post-surgery or during cancer treatment for Scar Work, which can be used to help relieve tightness, pain or loss of mobility due to the development of scar tissue. After a recent refresher with one of the UK’s leading scar massage therapists Emma Holly, I felt it’d be a great time to share more about this fantastic therapy and how it works.

What is Scar Work?

Also known as scar therapy or scar massage, ScarWork is a dedicated therapy specifically designed to optimise tissue health and address changes after surgery and/or radiotherapy. Using advanced techniques, it’s possible to rehabilitate and repair scar tissue to aid healing and softening, increasing mobility and comfort.

Any kind of trauma to the body, whether accidental or surgically or medically induced, creates changes in tissue health. Scar Work is versatile and offers effective relief for all types of scars – including plastic surgery scars, cancer surgery scars, childhood scars, C-section scars and accidental scars.

How can scar work help me to heal?

Scar Work can help if your scar feels:

  • Thick

  • Lumpy

  • Tight

  • Puckered

As Scar Work combines a variety of different techniques to support tissue health and healing, it works on many different aspects of scar therapy and scar-related concerns.

What’s also wonderful about scar work is how gentle and effective it is. Scar Work is rarely painful, yet it brings about tangible change in how your scar feels – increasing mobility through softening the fascia and any adhesions around the scar itself. Whether you’ve been left with scarring after surgery or an accident, Scar Work can help to improve the healing process and provide corrective therapy where a scar is causing discomfort or mobility loss.

Results from Scar Work can be felt immediately but will increase incrementally after each session – usually a course of treatment over 1-4 weeks is recommended. With greater comfort and mobility comes much better quality of life – especially if a scar is large or there are several causing pain or difficulty.

Recent training with Emma Holly

Recently I updated my existing scar work skills on a course with one of the country’s two top specialist scar therapists, Emma Holly. I was really honoured to work with Emma, as she is a leading voice in this field and has a wealth of experience and highly effective techniques to share. I’m really looking forward to using these additional techniques in my own practice and building on the incredible results Scar Work brings.

To book a consultation or to learn more about Scar Work, get in touch today:

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