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5 tips to boost your immune system over winter

Updated: May 8

The transition between autumn and winter naturally brings colds and sniffles as our bodies readjust and we spend more time indoors.

These five tips are designed to be easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle – remember, a little still counts! Small steps each day do add up.

Eat well

Proper nutrition is a key ingredient for a healthy immune system – especially during the winter when we crave processed, refined foods that are high in sugars and fats. Some easy tips to help you stay on track and optimise immune function include:

  • Limited alcohol intake

  • Enjoy fatty foods and sugary treats in moderation

  • Load up on leafy greens and seasonal fruits and vegetables

  • Fill up with wholegrains and slow-release carbohydrates

  • Incorporate nuts and seeds for extra energy and nutrients

  • Include lots of lean protein with each meal

  • Avoid increasing caffeine intake – instead replace extra coffee with herbal hot drinks

Keep moving

During winter it can be harder to find your ‘get up and go’ – but maintaining gentle activity is important, especially when it comes to boosting immunity. Some activities you could try include:

  • Yoga

  • Walks and hikes out in nature

  • Gym classes

  • Dance classes

  • Running groups

Most importantly, make it fun – if it’s not something you enjoy doing, you won’t want to keep it up! Group activities can be beneficial as they offer an opportunity to socialise and motivate one another.

Improve sleep quality

Sound sleep is the key to restoring and recharging your body each night, in turn keeping your immune system functioning optimally.

Some tips to help you improve your sleep include:

  • Limiting blue light exposure

  • Waking up and going to sleep at the same times each day

  • Investing in a comfortable, supportive mattress and pillows

  • Ensuring the bedroom is fully dark at night

Manage stress levels

Stress can have a severe impact on our immune system function – especially when it’s chronic or present for prolonged periods of time. Stress levels during winter tend to be higher due to the extra pressures brought on by the holiday season.

Try meditation, journaling or breathwork at home to help bring down levels of cortisol and feelings of stress and anxiety. If you need a little support, try local groups, meditation centres and yoga classes.

Where stress is chronic, hypnotherapy and NLP can also help to alter your mindset for lower stress levels and improved physical wellbeing.

Stay hydrated

You may feel naturally less thirsty during the colder months, but keeping your hydration levels topped up is a must. Drink plenty of filtered water at room temperature – and try herbal teas to help get those hydration levels higher. Warm drinks like coffee and cocoa can certainly feel comforting and cosy when the weather is miserable, but their caffeine and sugar content can have the opposite effect.

For soothing support for body and mind, take a look at our holistic treatment menu here.

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