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5 great crystals to choose during cancer treatment

Updated: May 8

Although cancer treatments have advanced significantly in recent years with new breakthroughs happening all the time, they can still take a significant toll mentally and physically. One of the most challenging aspects of cancer treatment for specialists is striking a balance between effectively eliminating the cancer, whilst also supporting the general health and wellbeing of the patient.

That’s why when I discovered the powerful benefits of healing crystals, I knew I had to share them with my patients. I use them extensively in my holistic practice and they’ve played a huge role on my own healing journey, too. Despite this, crystals are still one of the alternative aspects of my offering patients find it hardest to get to grips with initially.

I get it – crystals are ‘woo woo’ for a lot of people. ‘How is this lump of rock going to make a difference in my life?’ And over the years in my practice I’ve seen remarkable results from holistic healing techniques incorporating crystals, as well as transformation within my personal life. That’s why I’m passionate about using them within my cancer care programmes – and it’s also why I’m sharing a selection of my favourites with you today.

How do crystals work?

First of all, let me say that alternative and holistic therapies are not meant as a replacement for conventional cancer treatments – instead they’re designed to sit alongside your medical treatment and support with your wellbeing and quality of life.

Generally speaking it’s not possible to pinpoint exactly how crystals work to help us to feel better. Most of the evidence we have is purely anecdotal, meaning it’s subjective and can’t be scientifically verified. And this is the beauty (and the downside, for some) of many holistic therapies – they can’t be ‘proven’ scientifically. They can’t be explained or documented in a tangible sense. But the effects and benefits can be felt and seen – and they’re significant.

Research to date suggests that crystals have their own energy field and frequency, which vibrates with us (since everything is energy). These different energetic frequencies can support us on various levels with areas we are struggling within, such as confidence, self-love, physical or emotional healing.

Unlike most conventional cancer treatments crystals can be used by absolutely anybody and have no side effects. This is why I tell people to try using crystals to help them on their cancer journey, even if they’re not fully sold on their healing properties. You’ve got nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain!

5 crystals to choose for cancer treatment

1/ Emerald

Dazzling green emeralds have long been used as good luck talismans – and that energy still holds true today. When it comes to health and cancer care, emerald has been said to help accelerate the body’s natural healing processes and fight off cancerous cells, particularly for those with bladder and skin cancer.

2/ Selenite

Selenite is a master cleanser stone – so it can be used to cleanse your person, the space around you or other stones. Selenite is also powerful for detoxification and immune strengthening – two key concerns during cancer treatment.

3/ Citrine

Citrine is a multifaceted stone of courage, abundance and restoration. Carrying citrine or placing it around your home can help to give us courage to face life’s challenges and support with abundance in all forms, including financial abundance. Citrine’s restorative properties can help to renew and rejuvenate the body as well as calming and soothing nerves and anxiety.

4/ Fluorite

Fluorite is a wonderful stone for eliminating negative energy and replacing it with fresh, positive energy. It is also fantastic for increasing self-confidence and self-worth. Fluorite is said to slow down the spread of cancerous cells and be particularly powerful for those with ovarian and prostate cancer.

5/ Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is connected with mental courage and good luck – it’s often used in crystal jewellery to give strength and protection to the wearer. Tiger’s Eye has been linked to supporting some specific cancers including leukaemia, lung cancer and lymphoma.

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