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5 fabulous essential oils for menopause

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

When you’re experiencing the menopause it helps to have as many tools at your disposal as possible, to help you to manage common symptoms and benefit from a welcome ‘pick me up’ whenever you need it.

Essential oils are one of my favourite holistic tools and a go-to remedy because they’re easy to use, are non-invasive and non-toxic and have no side effects (when used sensibly and responsibly).

Here I’m sharing my favourite essential oils for menopause – along with some tips and advice on how to use them and easily incorporate them into your everyday routine.

Clary Sage – Great for hot flushes, low mood and bone health

Hot flushes are one of the most troubling symptoms for menopausal women – unpredictable and difficult to control, they’re intensely uncomfortable and can cause embarrassing side-effects. Resulting in sweating and a burning sensation on the skin, they come in waves and can occur anywhere, anytime. For quick relief simply inhale Clary Sage softly from a tissue or a napkin, then sit quietly or stand still to allow the sensations to ease.

Clary sage also has an anti-depressant affect and in studies has been shown to slow the development of osteoporosis, two common concerns during the menopause.

Lavender – Great for relaxation and sleep, hormone balance and perineal discomfort

Lavender is an incredibly versatile essential oil for menopause – for me, it’s an essential to carry around in your pocket for immediate relief.

Lavender is well-known for its ability to promote feelings of relaxation, but it can also support a deeper, more nourishing sleep to combat menopause-related insomnia. Lavender can be inhaled or used with a diffuser to create a lovely, relaxing environment at home – try it just before bed or in a pillow mist for best results.

Geranium – Great for stress relief and hormone balance

Geranium has been used for many years to support women with hormonal changes – research shows that it is highly effective at combatting anxiety and stress. Geranium can be inhaled on a napkin for instant stress relief, or added to a carrier oil such as grapeseed and almond oil for a soothing bath.

Citrus – Great for mood swings, libido and inflammation

Uplifting, zesty citrus is a favourite of mine for instant relief when I’m feeling a little tired or under the weather. For the menopause, citrus oils (such as lemon and sweet orange) offer a variety of specific benefits. A 2014 study on citrus oil blends showed that they experienced fewer physical symptoms, lower blood pressure, improved oestrogen concentrations and a libido boost as a result of inhaling the citrus oil on a regular basis.

Peppermint – Great for hot flashes and pain relief

The cooling properties of peppermint make it perfect for combatting night sweats and hot flushes during the day. Although menstruation stops during the menopause, women in the early stages or pre-menopausal women may still experience cramping. Peppermint can help to soothe pain and cramps and ease the discomfort associated with hot flushes.

Using essential oils for menopause safely

Essential oils are readily available – but be careful when purchasing to ensure you’re using high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Some lower quality blends contain toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances which can be damaging for the body and irritate the skin.

It’s also important to keep essential oils away from children and pets when they are not being used. Some essential oils can be toxic to animals, especially dogs and cats, so be sure to research first before using them in the immediate environment of you pets such as in a diffuse or on your skin.

If you would like to experience the benefits of an aromatherapy treatment then pop over to my website to book yourself a session at my Wilmslow Clinic.

For more on the benefits of aromatherapy or holistic support during the menopause, take a look at my blogs here.

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