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5 benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

Updated: May 8

The human body is simply amazing – but often, we barely appreciate the many different processes taking place every single second which keep us alive and well. One such process is detoxification – which is a real buzzword throughout January and is often forgotten for the rest of the year. Whilst the word ‘detox’ usually conjures images of green juices and 3-day fasts, the body is actually fully equipped with its very own (and highly sophisticated) detoxification system.

Whilst these systems will function optimally in a normal, healthy person, there are many aspects of modern life which cause them not to work as efficiently as they should, such as physical or mental illness. This is where targeted treatments such as lymphatic drainage massage come in – helping to restore balance and proper function of the lymph system whilst aiding full-body detoxification.

Today I’ll be talking a little bit more about the lymphatic system and how specialist massage can help you to look and feel your best.

What is the lymphatic system?

You may or may not be surprised to learn that the lymphatic system is actually part of the body’s immune system. It is comprised of a complex network of tissues, vessels, organs and glands which work together to circulate and drain lymph fluid through the body. Its function is to empty this fluid back into the bloodstream via the lymph nodes, which are situated at certain points throughout the body.

The main roles of the lymphatic system include:

  • Managing fluid levels within the body

  • Reacting to bacteria

  • Dealing with cancer cells

  • Removing cell products that may otherwise cause illness or disease

What is lymphatic drainage massage, and how does it work?

Also known as ‘manual lymphatic drainage’, lymphatic drainage massage is a targeted and specialised therapy which involves gently manipulating specific areas of the body to help move lymph fluid to the lymph nodes, where it can then be dealt with by the body.

There are two steps to a lymphatic drainage massage – the first involves clearing the excess lymph through releasing fluid in your tissues. The second moves lymphatic fluid to your lymph nodes for reabsorption.

Lymphatic drainage massage can be beneficial for anybody – and it is especially helpful for anyone suffering with lymphoedema or lymphatic drainage impairment as a result of illness, surgical intervention or medication.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

There are so many benefits of lymphatic drainage massage – and of course, the positive effects of any treatment are experienced on a personal level. Here I’ve shared just a few of the most well-known and thoroughly researched benefits of this specialist massage therapy.

1/ Relief from swelling

Lymphatic massage is a wonderful and minimally invasive option when it comes to reducing the effects of an underperforming lymphatic system such as swollen legs and feet, a puffy face and bloating. If you frequently suffer from fluid retention, puffiness, swelling and abdominal bloating, this type of massage could help you to feel better.

2/ Relief from pain

Conditions such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain and swelling in the joints and digestive issues. These conditions respond very well to lymphatic drainage massage, often leading to a significant reduction in pain and discomfort over time. The secondary benefit of stress relief and relaxation also supports lower pain levels and improved emotional wellbeing for patients with chronic illness.

3/ Improves skin health and appearance

Skin tends to adopt a gorgeously radiant glow following a massage – thanks to the improved circulation to the skin’s surface. You should notice an improvement in the appearance of cellulite, too, as lymphatic drainage supports the smoothing of skin and the breakdown of fat cell deposits.

4/ Relaxation

Any type of massage can be deeply soothing and aid in the relief of stress and tension – and due to the sweeping strokes and rhythmical movement lymphatic drainage massage can be even more beneficial for relaxation.

5/ Post-surgical support

Lymphatic drainage massage is often recommended to deal with swelling and enhance results following certain types of surgery, specifically cosmetic treatments including breast enhancement and liposuction. There are some types of surgery where lymphatic drainage massage is not recommended – don’t worry if you’re unsure. I’ll conduct a thorough consultation prior to treatment to ensure it’s right for you.

It is important to note that whilst you should feel better following one treatment, a course of treatments is usually recommended for optimal results, especially if you are seeking lymphatic drainage massage for a specific health concern.

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