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5 beautiful benefits of The Cancer Wellness Path membership

This month I am really excited because I am launching a very special membership – something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for a long time.

As many of you know, cancer is close to my heart and much of my journey as a physiotherapist, wellbeing advocate and integrative health practitioner within the oncology space has been focused on finding simple, holistic and effective ways to help people living with cancer enhance their quality of life and thrive rather than simply surviving through what is an incredibly challenging experience.

What is The Cancer Wellness Path?

The Cancer Wellness Path is an empowering, life-enhancing monthly membership designed to support you as you navigate life with cancer. It’s for absolutely anybody looking for support with their cancer diagnosis – whether you have just discovered you have cancer or have been living with it for some time. Wellness starts from within – and this membership gives you the tool to be able to take charge of your own health and wellbeing and live your life to its fullest with simple, easy to implement tools and techniques.

My sister, my inspiration

Alongside over 20 years working as a specialist in oncology and palliative care, I also have personal experience of living with cancer. My sister continues to be source of inspiration and motivation for me and there are many elements of this membership that have been directly influenced by her courage, positivity and strength.

5 benefits of The Cancer Wellness Path Membership

1/ Soothe and overcome fear, anxiety and overwhelm

A diagnosis of cancer really shakes us to our core physically and emotionally. Life is never the same – as we navigate a new reality with cancer in the picture. With this in mind it’s completely normal to feel anxious, fearful, angry and sad. You’re coming to terms with something huge – something which doesn’t go away even after you recover or go into remission.

But instead of being a heavy burden to carry, life after a cancer diagnosis can feel liberating, light and free from fear and anxiety. Dealing with the many emotions a cancer diagnosis throws up, from anger to overwhelm, is important as if they aren’t properly dealt with these emotions may manifest into something else.

2/ Feel safe and secure in your body connected

So many of us nowadays are completely unaware of our bodies and what they need – and especially during cancer there can be a feeling of disconnection between your physical self and your emotional self. For many people, being diagnosed with cancer can bring up a lot of anger and can almost feel like we are being ‘let down’ or betrayed by our bodies. We may feel resentment or frustration towards our bodies in general or towards a certain affected area, as well as the cancer itself.

My Cancer Wellness Path membership focuses on helping you to re-establish this all-important connection with your body so that you fee able to love and nurture your physical self and can intuitively tune in to how you are feeling at any given moment and what you need.

3/ Dedicated support to help you navigate your new normal

Whether you’re recently diagnosed or have been living with cancer for years, this membership is for you if you feel you need dedicated support by your side as you navigate this next stage of your journey. Whether you have an existing support network or not, it can be incredibly healing to be surrounded by people who can fully empathise with where you are right now and can offer expert advice and guidance. Each aspect of the Membership has been specifically created to focus on helping you to live well with cancer and thrive and enjoy every moment of your life whilst feeling energised and optimistic.

4/ Understand the mind-body connection and develop a new mindset

I truly believe that mindset influences absolutely everything in our lives – including the state of our health. Mindset has an especially important role to play when it comes to living with cancer, as it’s important to be able to focus on the experience in an open and objective manner to help support your healing and recovery and journey as a whole. Adopting a positive, secure and resilient mindset can help you to live life to the full and feel happy and free.

We also explore the mind-body connection in more detail and depth and how our thoughts can influence not only our thoughts, but also our physical health and reality.

5/ learn more about living well with cancer

As part of the Membership there will be live sessions with expert guest speakers from the world of integrative health.This gives you a lovely opportunity not only to learn but to ask questions and hear from others – expanding your knowledge and giving you tips and inspiration you can use on your own journey.

These modules focus on providing simple and easy to follow advice to stay well during all stages of the cancer journey, from diagnosis to remission and palliative care.

Want to learn more about The Cancer Wellness Path Membership?

Discover the Membership here or take a look at my dedicated cancer support resources here.

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