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Cancer Coaching

The power of the unconscious mind and the mind-body connection is quite literally magical!


This power lies within each and every one of us. This is a magic that is so often underestimated within clinical care, the power of which I truly believe can be life transforming.


Our bodies respond to the way we think, feel and act. Very often I see people focusing on either their physical wellbeing or their emotional wellbeing. 


We can’t separate them! A healthy mind equals a healthy body and vice versa.


Taking care of our mind and emotional health really is just as important as looking after our physical wellbeing.

Every piece of information that is generated in our unconscious mind within our neurology is held within every cell in our body. This is energy!

Throughout my career working in clinical oncology one thing has constantly stood out to me. Almost every patient I have worked with has mentioned a significant emotional event that happened in the 3-5 years prior to their cancer diagnosis.

Energy flows all around our body, through our chakras and energy centres. Words, thoughts, beliefs and emotions are all energy! Emotions (energy in motion) can become stuck within our physical body, leading to stagnant energy flow which can manifest into physical symptoms.

Imagine if releasing this stagnant energy has the opposite effect?

I decided to train as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, AND a Trainer of NLP after these therapies transformed my own life. Straight away I could see how they could transform my patient’s lives, too. 

Why? Because working with words, thoughts, beliefs and emotions stored in the unconscious mind changes energy flow.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The ‘Neurology’ aspect is how we interpret the world through our 5 senses; ‘Linguistics’ refers to the language we apply to a problem, and ‘Programming’ refers to the programs we run in our minds which allow us to achieve certain outcomes. NLP techniques help us to shift energy blocks and limiting beliefs that live within our mind. Literally removing the stuck emotions and energy that can manifest in physical symptoms.


Working with NLP along the timeline of your life is truly transformational and can be an incredible tool for both wellness and personal growth. Results are remarkably fast and long-lasting – and the techniques used during your sessions can be taken away and used in other areas of your life as and when you need them. During the sessions we release the key negative emotions (including sadness, anger, fear, hurt and guilt) from your mindset along with the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the past and preventing you from moving forward.

Hypnosis is another way of working with the unconscious mind, assisting you to make desired and positive changes to your life. I very often work with clients who are looking to make changes linked to a medical reason. In particular I help release phobias such as claustrophobia during scans and radiotherapy treatment, needle phobia during chemotherapy and unresolved pain


Working with the unconscious mind intrigued me, and I wasn’t prepared for the transformation that would take place during my training. Now I’m dedicated to and passionate about bringing about that kind of transformation for my patients, in particular within cancer care and chronic illness. 


Never underestimate the power of the mind-body connection!

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