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Realigned Wellness

If you are looking to make changes QUICKLY aligning your mind and body towards wellness then you have landed on the right page.


Realigned Wellness is my signature mind-body medicine package which includes a fusion of all my cancer wellness packages PLUS emotional and spiritual healing and energetics work - an essential part of a wider integrative approach to cancer wellness.


Realigned Wellness focuses on root cause, recognising the underlying factors contributing to health issues rather than simply treating the symptoms.  Remember cancer is the symptom, so are you treating the root cause or are you simply treating the symptom? The difference is important! Conventional treatment focuses on the physical disease rather than its underlying causes. An integrative approach treats the mind, body and spirit to address the root cause. 


Whether you are taking a combined conventional and integrative oncology approach, or perhaps just an integrative oncology approach addressing the root cause is key. Managing stress, releasing unprocessed negative emotions or trauma and regulating your nervous system is so important in cancer care. Your body is unable to heal whilst being in a state of fear, or in long term "fight or flight mode". 


Realigned Wellness focuses on my 6 signature themes empowering you to tap into your own personal energy system for healing, activating your mind-body connection and your own energetic blueprint for health. So often we look outside ourselves for solutions even though we know healing starts from within, don’t we?


Through a fusion of clinical and holistic healthcare we will work together realigning your mind -body connection and energy. Emotional healing focuses on energetics, after all everything is energy including the words you speak, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions (energy in motion) and your body. Your body hears everything your mind says. The two are connected in ways you may never have imagined. Supporting your body to be in the best possible state for healing begins with YOU. With your own personal energy system, your unconscious mind, your nervous system regulation, your energy bodies, your heart space, your vibrational frequency and your energy flow. The whole of this together is neuroscience and it is an essential component of root cause medicine. 


If there is just one thing you tune into as you look at this page I would like it to be this……


There is so much more than the clinical when it comes to cancer wellness and healing. I see it day in, day out with my own eyes. The alternatives that form an integrative approach are far from the last resort. When you see them as a last resort then you may be looking too late. It's never clinical or holistic, it's both together that makes the difference. Emotional healing is an essential part of your mind-body wellness. If you see it as the first step onto the path to wellness then I know it will have a greater impact than you can ever imagine.


Empower yourself today, whether you get in touch with myself or someone else to help you on your path to wellness, empower yourself today!


Realigned Wellness is available over 3 - 6 months. The package includes:


  • A 60 minute numerology reading 

  • 12 x 60 minute mind-body medicine sessions

  • Sessions are virtual or in person at my Wilmslow clinic. 

  • Support via messenger in between sessions (via Voxer, Telgram or Whatsapp)

  • 12 months membership within The Cancer Wellness Path Membership

*Realigned Wellness is different for everyone and is tailored to YOU. Holistic approaches may include intuitive coaching, neuro-linguistic programming techniques, hypnosis, numerology, energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, breathwork, and nervous system regulation. 


Investment in yourself is £3333 (Monthly payment plan available £1111 over 3 months or pay in full for £3000 saving £333)

Trust you intuitions. If you are feeling the call then your next step is to book a clarity call 

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