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What’s the link between energy and wellness

If you’re looking for gentle, more holistic ways to overcome cancer or chronic illness, you’ve probably have heard about the connection between our physical and emotional energy and our health and wellbeing. But what is this link exactly, and how can learning about it help us to feel better and overcome dis-ease?


‘Everything is energy’


It may seem ‘out there’ – but understanding energy and frequency and their relationship to how we feel and our health is vitally important. Essentially, absolutely everything around us (including what we can see and what we can’t see) is comprised of energy.


Simply put, energy is the building block of our entire universe. Everything within it, including everything here on earth, vibrates at different frequencies which determine the expression of each cell and therefore each aspect of our lives and health - including our emotions and our physical body.


This means that we can directly influence our reality both in terms of the tangible and the unseen, simply by paying attention to our energy and working with it. These are concepts that have been proven by complex science, and sadly it’s still seen as a ‘woo woo’ approach within Western medicine.


There is more to health than traditional medicine


Modern medical advancements are nothing short of remarkable – but our healthcare system is still broken. The focus is firmly on illness, not wellness – on treating the symptoms and not the root cause. Western medicine can also feel incredibly disempowering – as it demands that we hand over both our sense of control, and absolute control of our health (and our lives) to medical professionals who can sometimes be dismissive of symptoms, or struggle to hear us. This can lead to feelings of helplessness, increased anxiety over our health and full dependency on invasive treatments and drugs to feel better, interventions which often make us feel worse.


This is where integrative medicine comes in – providing holistic support which includes allopathic approaches such as surgery, chemo and radiotherapy alongside complementary treatments designed to mitigate side effects and enhance overall wellbeing. These treatments also address some of the underlying causes and triggers which may have contributed to the development of cancer.


Realising that there is more to health than traditional medicine is a real turning point for many of my clients. They finally feel as though they’re back in the driving seat and have hope that feeling better is firmly in their hands. Energetically, the freedom to choose enable us to adopt a more positive and optimistic mindset and approach to our healing journey – which has the potential to produce some pretty powerful results. Some people have even claimed to cure their illness entirely using mindset techniques. This is not to say that we should ignore doctors or refuse allopathic or clinical treatment pathways, it just means that we incorporate those therapies mindfully alongside other more holistic techniques.


The internal influences the external


As within, so without. Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and feelings can all have an impact on our physical health and wellbeing. We can see fleeting evidence of this in the way our bodies respond to emotional triggers – that ‘sinking heart’ feeling when something goes wrong, the knot in your stomach or sweaty palms before you do something that feels scary.


According to energetic laws (such as the law of vibration and law of attraction), our energetic state directly influences our external world and the tangible aspects of our life including our physical health – especially if we are experiencing ‘negative’ emotions such as anxiety, stress or low mood over a longer period of time. More recent research is also revealing that stored or ‘stuck’ emotions in the body through adaptive behaviours such as people pleasing and exposure to trauma are directly correlated with the development of many different chronic illnesses and serious diseases, including cancer, lupus, Irritable Bowel Disease and ME.


Introducing The Energetics of Health


Inspired by my passion for integrative cancer care, I have a very exciting course in the pipeline called The Energetics of Health. In this course, I’ll be sharing all you need to know about energetics and how using these principles can enable you to move towards wellness in a different way. Awareness is the first step!

Energetics of Health is launching very soon, keep you eyes peeled on my social media channels or sign up to my newsletter to be one of the first to know when you can register your place.

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