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How I use Time Line Therapy® for patients with chronic illness

Updated: May 26

Living with chronic illness can be totally exhausting, debilitating and frustrating. Many patients I work with say they feel helpless, often told by medics they’ll never get better, or with few treatment options available to them.

If you’ve read my recent blog on the mind/body connection (if you haven’t yet, you can find it here), you’ll already know how powerful the brain can be, and the mounting evidence that suggests that our emotional health directly influences our physical wellbeing.

I truly believe based on what I have seen and my knowledge of the mind that many people can overcome the beliefs behind their chronic illness, and go on to live happier, healthier lives. Through using ground-breaking Time Line Therapy®, it’s possible to remove the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that may be triggering chronic illness. These are just a few very simplified explanations of how Time Line Therapy® works to relieve patients of their symptoms and the weight of their diagnosis. (if you’d like to find out more, you can contact me via the details at the bottom of the page).

Getting to the root of the issue

Often we don’t know what it is that is causing our chronic illness. ‘Stress’ is a reported factor in the development of these diseases - but that really is an umbrella term that means different things to different people. We have all had different experiences in life, which all contribute to our level of stress on a daily basis. ‘Chronic stress’ is like a big ball of wool that we can’t comprehend or begin to unravel, pulling out the strands to see what concerns us the most.

That’s where Time Line Therapy® comes in. Unlike traditional therapy, we don’t need to trawl back through your traumas to identify what it is that could have manifested as illness over time. Instead we work with the unconscious mind, which tells us everything we need to know without dragging up further negative emotions through reliving the past. The unconscious mind automatically knows what the root cause is, so we can work with it directly in a state of relaxation without having to bring anything into your conscious mind.

Calming and de-stressing techniques you can use every day

On top of going directly to source into the mind to remove any negative or limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of illness, we also instil calming anchors you can use throughout your daily life to bring you back to yourself whenever you feel yourself slipping back into anxiety, or struggling with pain or feeling exhausted or listless. The anchors are tailored to you and will help you to keep on top of any old habits that could creep up, or any stressful situations you may be faced with throughout the day.

Believing you can live without illness

I find during Time Line Therapy® that lots of patients have become so used to being poorly that they can’t imagine a life without their diagnosis or symptoms. They tend to hold a lot of limiting beliefs on this subject, such as firmly believing that things will never improve. Usually this is because they have been told this by doctors, or have been struggling for so long that it becomes second nature. These habitual thoughts and behaviours do keep up stuck in a cycle of being and feeling unwell, so in Time Line Therapy® we look to remove those limiting beliefs and flip the script so that you can start to look, feel and be well.

Examples of these include ‘I am tired all the time,’ ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I am in pain all the time’, ‘I will never get better’. Often patients verbalise these beliefs on a regular basis, too, further compacting them in their mindset.

What is so wonderful abut Time Line Therapy® is that we can remove these beliefs from your mindset, freeing you up to consider a possibility of life without illness, a new perspective. The change is instant, but might take some time to get used to as you readjust to your new mindset and feeling better.

If you’d like to learn more about how Time Line Therapy® can help with chronic illness and chronic pain, please get in touch for a free, friendly chat.

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