Hand on Bump

Women's Health

As a woman myself I’m passionate about supporting women with or without chronic or life-limiting illness to maintain optimal health through life’s whole journey. Through clinical and holistic techniques my team and I support women at all stages of life – from teenage years and middle age to later life. Our specialisms include breast cancer care, pre- and post-natal support, menopause and fertility - but there are so many aspects to women’s health that the techniques we are trained in can help with – including hormonal, physical and emotional health. I use a wide variety of tailored techniques including aromatherapy, massage, reiki, physiotherapy and reflexology, alongside specialist physiotherapy treatment and programmes to promote enhanced wellbeing.  


Physiotherapy and holistic techniques can support you throughout your pregnancy, especially if you suffer with sickness, anxiety, poor posture and back pain. During our Fitback and Bumps sessions you’ll receive expert guidance to help you to exercise during pregnancy safely, whilst helping you to understand the changes taking place in your body. 

Pre- and Post- Natal 

Specialised support for mums and babies both before and after birth to take care of you throughout your journey. Physiotherapy can help to prepare your body for birth and help maintain optimal physical wellbeing, whilst relaxing therapies can support your body as you heal and assist you emotionally and mentally as you step into this new role after giving birth. Our FitBack and Bumps programme offers specialised support to help you stay physically healthy and exercise safely both before and after giving birth. Areas covered include posture, strengthening pelvic floor and maintaining a strong core as well as techniques to reduce pelvic and back pain. 


Whether you’re planning on trying for baby and want to support your body in doing so, or are struggling to get pregnant, we can help with personalised complimentary treatments. Both physiotherapy and holistic techniques can be used to enhance fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy. 


Menopause affects all women at some point in our lives - but many still struggle to access the support they need to help them not just to survive, but to thrive through this next chapter of their lives. I use a combination of holistic therapies to support women with the various symptoms and concerns they experience throughout menopause, to enhance overall wellbeing and help them to feel calmer, fitter, healthier and more confident. 

If you’d like to enquire about any of the above Women’s Health treatments at PhysioCare Holistics, please get in touch.