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FitBack and Bumps

FitBack and Bumps is a physiotherapy Antenatal and Postnatal educational exercise programme. Expert guidance and instruction is guaranteed throughout, helping to remove the fear that is often associated with exercising during and after pregnancy.

The Core Elements of the Antenatal Programme include:

Educating women about their ever changing body and posture.

Exercising safely during and after pregnancy.

Strengthening core/postural muscles to reduce the incidence of back and pelvic girdle pain.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to reduce the incidence of stress incontinence.

Physical preparation for labour. 

The Core Elements of the Postnatal Programme include:

Will my body return to normal?

How do I flatten my tummy?

Exercising safely following pregnancy.

How to regain a strong centre and pelvic floor.

Alongside the education component of the programme, you will also be taught a series of exercises focusing on the key muscles which support your spine and pelvis. You will be taught how to exercise these muscles effectively to prevent or reduce back pain during pregnancy, and to strengthen your core again following pregnancy.

To reinforce what you have learnt you will receive a FitBack and Bumps printed education booklet and exercise cards. This will enable you to continue the exercises at home or in a gym environment.

The programme consists of  4 x 45 minute physiotherapy sessions.The Antenatal Programme is suitable for ladies who are 12 weeks pregnant onwards. The Postnatal Programme is suitable from 6 weeks after giving birth.