Cancer and Palliative Care

As a physiotherapist specialising in oncology and palliative care, I am passionate about supporting patients at all stages of their cancer journey – from initial diagnosis and during treatment to post-treatment. I have personal experience of the journey patients go through after a diagnosis with cancer, having been on the same journey with both my dad and my sister in recent years. Having the support and resources to remain active and feel as ‘normal’ as possible is so important, ensuring you are able to enjoy every single day to the full. 

There are two sides to our specialist cancer care support. Our combined approach of physiotherapy and holistic treatments can help to support your body through both the cancer itself, and any treatment you may be undergoing such as chemotherapy. 

Physiotherapy for cancer 

PhysioCare Holistics offers a specialist physiotherapy service for anyone living with cancer, or other life limiting illness.

Our specialist physiotherapists can help you to:

  • Remain active, maintaining your mobility, function and independence.

  • Rehabilitate you, including during and after cancer treatment, following surgery, or where there has been a general decline in your independence.

  • Help you to cope with symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue and anxiety, and the management of panic attacks. You may also like to join our Breathlessness Academy here.

  • Offer personalised exercise programmes to keep you active including during and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, improving both muscle strength and joint mobility, and reducing the risk of falls.

  • Offer advice regarding suitable equipment that can help you.

  • Provide advice for your carers and family about the most appropriate way they can help you.

  • Provide specialist massage to relieve tightness and joint restriction following mastectomy or head and neck surgery.

  • Offer advice and support regarding lymphoedema management.

  • Provide highly specialist advice and individualised rehabilitation should you have been diagnosed with spinal cord compression.

  • Maintain quality of life, general wellbeing and help you to cope better with symptoms and side effects of treatment using holistic therapies.

Physiotherapy may be helpful at different stages of your treatment journey, from diagnosis, pre-treatment (prehabilitation), during treatment, post-treatment and palliative care.

Cancer Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Exercise 

Keeping active can help you cope with some of the side effects of cancer treatment, and recovery following treatment. It is often difficult to know what type of exercise to do, and how often to do it. We can give you specialist advice about this, and provide you with an individualised exercise programme to meet your goals. We also work with patients between diagnosis and the start of treatment, whether this be surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy to improve physical fitness and psychological wellbeing in the run up to treatment (also known as prehabilitation).

Simone has qualifications as a CanRehab Specialist Exercise Instructor, and also as a Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Exercise Specialist. Exercise and rehabilitation sessions may be provided either in the comfort of your own home, or a private gym space in Handforth.

The Pink Ribbon Course 

The Pink Ribbon Course is a 6-week Pilates-based course. The programme is specifically aimed at women (and men) who are either recovering from breast cancer surgery, or have previously had breast cancer and continue to have limited range of movement or other issues which can be helped via targeted exercise. This course is available as 1-to-1 sessions or as a group session.

Whether you are new to exercise or are used to being active, regular physical activity can help you to feel better in lots of ways. For people living with or after cancer being physically active is safe and has lots of benefits. If your cancer is advanced being physically active may also help to improve your symptoms.

For some cancer types including breast and bowel cancer, being active may also reduce your risk of cancer.

Holistic Cancer Care

Alongside specialist oncology and palliative physiotherapy treatment I offer a variety of holistic therapies to support patients physically and emotionally following a diagnosis of cancer. Cancer is not a contraindication to holistic therapies, which can be highly beneficial at all stages of the cancer journey including pre-treatment, during treatment and post-treatment. Holistic treatments include reflexology, massage, aromatherapy and reiki. For more information please take a look at my holistic therapies page. 

To learn more about our specialist cancer care or to book an appointment, please get in touch.